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The Excell Pressure Washer is famous for the highest quality washers they make and deliver. We provide you with information about the best power washers of Excell.

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Ex-cell power washers are one among the popular brands of pressure washers that is available for consumer use at home or for doing professional jobs. Armed with a pressure washer one can undertake a variety of cleaning jobs around the home and also accomplish jobs like stripping of paint.

5 Great Excell Pressure Washers:

  • Excell VR2522 – Low Maintenance High Performance

    Excell pressure washer The Excell VR2522 is one among the leading best sellers of pressure washers offered by Excell. The biggest draw to this pressure washer is the quality of being very cheap on maintenance.

    Fitted with a high quality 5.5 HP engine from Honda helps it in belting out good pressure of 2500 PSI making it an ideal home equipment for all sorts of cleaning purposes that include sidewalks, driveways, fences and even automobiles.

    For easy portability, the washer sits on 8” pneumatic wheels making it easy for anyone to handle it. The 25-foot long cord that comes with the washer is ideal for any kind of indoor or outdoor cleaning especially when it comes to those hard-to-reach places.

    The wand is adjustable (0-40 degrees) to provide different spray patterns that allows multipurpose cleaning. The pricing is also modest at around the range of $250 making it an ideal pressure washer in every man’s garage.

    This Excell pressure washer according to consumers is pretty durable, works efficiently and relentlessly making it value worth for the money paid to buy it.

  • Excell XC2600 – Outlasts the Best

    Excell pressure washers The Excell XC 2600 is a pressure washer of excellent quality. With the backup of a solid 5 HP Honda engine, this power blaster provides 2600 PSI of pressure and 2.5 GPM flow rate making it a perfect companion for all kinds of pressure cleaning including those that need high pressure too.

    The washer comes with a wide range of features that makes it a coveted model for one too many. The first thing that any one will notice when looking over the washer is its great looks supported on a sturdy frame with 10” wheels for easy portability.

    The performance of this mean machine is just as great with an adjustable wand that provides different forms of spray to suit any cleaning needs.

    The low maintenance and the cost of this Excell pressure washer being in the range of $270 makes it a popular buy among people looking for a pressure washer. Customers who already own the product say that the washer is a great buy and years of use have not dulled the performance of the product in any way.

  • Excell ZR2700 – Blast the Grime

    With a mind blowing 2700 Pounds per Square Inch pressure anyone can unleash a professional pressure cleaning job using the Excell XR2700. It is an ideal companion for every pressure cleaning job be it indoor or outdoor work and even for cleaning automobiles without risking the paint in any manner.

    Though this stallion is heavy at 84lbs, anyone can handle this washer as it is easily portable with 10” wheels and has quick change and connect nozzle tips for any type of cleaning operations. The wand is adjustable for different types of spray and there is a soap tank to help in better pressure cleaning.

    This Excell pressure washer retails at around $380 and also provides warranty for a 2 year period. It is the general opinion of customers that this is a great buy at the price provided as this high pressured companion can really kill grime and that’s not all, it can really blast away the competition too!!

  • Excell XR2750 – The No-Nonsense Grunge Buster

    The Excell XR2750 is a treat to handle. Anyone operating it will feel the sheer amount of energy that is busting out from this washer.

    This is no surprise as this cleaner is fitted with a 6HP Honda engine and spouts out 2700 PSI of sheer cleaning pressure to make every pressure washing job a walk in the park. So no worries if it is a sidewalk, patio, furniture, vehicle or the driveway that needs a shine.

    The pressure washer has quick connect nozzle tips for all types of jobs and spray settings that can be altered between 0-40 degrees. There is an onboard soap tank that will help do away the sponge and the cloth. All the parts of the washer fit compact on a solid frame with 10” pneumatic wheels for ease in movement and storage.

    This Excell pressure washer is a little expensive at about $470 but customers who have already used this product vouch that expense saying that the benefits that this washer brings in makes this grunge buster a super hit that they cannot do without.

  • Excell XC2800 – Power is King

    Excell pressure washer If anyone is looking at an array of pressure washers, the excel XC2800 is probably the one that a majority of people will covet for. With looks to kill and specs to match, this is definitely equipment on anybody’s wish list. A bend down will display a 6HP powerful Honda engine blasting pressures of 2800 PSI at 2.6 GPM.

    The power blaster comes equipped with an assortment of features like the quick connect nozzle tips, a 25’ hose, adjustable wand and an easy-to-handle spray gun making it the right pressure washer for any type of cleaning, both indoor as well as outdoor.

    Though not lightweight at 77lbs, it can be handled easily thanks to the 10” pneumatic wheels. All these do come at a price and this Excell pressure washer costs quite a bomb at around $499. Customers who reviewed this equipment after use do feel that the steep price is all but justified as it is relentless, efficient and durable. After all, who can deny the idiom Power is King!!

    When one looks at the vast range of models that Excell has to offer in pressure washers, all they will see is Power and More Power! So, with an Excell pressure washer it is no ardent task for even a novice to do a professional cleaning job however difficult the task might seem.

    Excellent Power Washers

    Excell pressure washers are ideal for those who want to decide on something that is high on performance. These pressure washers are maintenance free too. These Excell pressure washers are available to the consumer in a wide range of pressure options to satisfy the needs of every person that wants to own a power washer.

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    Ex-Cell Gas Models: When the driveway needs the ugly stains removed, the grill degreased, or the siding cleaned, the Ex-cell Gas Pressure Washers have a model for the job.

    Ex-Cell Electric Models: Fifty times more powerful than garden hoses and adjustable spraying heads make the Ex-cell Electric Pressure Washers perfect for various cleaning tasks.

    Ex-Cell Parts: Excell pressure washer parts must be available locally and should be the ideal substitute to the model you possess. Always try to buy it from the store where you bought your power washer.

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