Husky Power Washer Parts

Husky Power Washer parts are an assembly of several unique, mechanical, efficient and isolated components which combine together to deliver the best available, hassle free power washing to you.

Today Husky Power Washer Parts is said to have captured a lion’s share of the power washer market owing to the unique and one-of-its kind scientifically assembled power washing parts.

Quality power washing has been synonymous with Husky in recent times not only for its unique power washing equipments, but also for the fact because it characterizes ease-of-use.

The Husky power washer though being a single, complete, entity is not alone efficient machinery, delivering the maximum output with minimal manual intervention. Rather it is the assembly of discrete parts, each performing its own specialized duty to deliver excellence.

A quick look at the Husky Pressure Washer Parts will give us a bird’s eye view of the various power washer parts:

A heavy duty axial aluminium pump: This is the main power house of the entire setup. It can generate a pressure up to 1800 PSI/1.6 GPM, required for efficient cleansing activities. Here PSI refers to pounds per square inch, and GPM stands for gallons per minute.

High pressure hose and gun assembly:These two components in combination produces the necessary thrust required to disrupt the bonding between dirt (that needs to be washed) and the substrate (surface on which the dirt adheres). Attach this to the heavy duty pump, and you have enough pressure to cause mayhem in the dirt territory.

Click-n-clean adjustable spray wand: Husky specializes in using its path breaking technology, known as hydro surge mechanism. This highly innovative wand (unique among Husky Pressure Washer Parts) creates magic- it functions in a two-pronged mechanism: a) the high pressure (1800 psi) creates enough thrust required to cause extreme internal activity in the dirt/substrate bonding, to cause multiple ruptures b) the elevated water flow rate then sweeps away all the debris in one single go, thus giving a clear surface. Just have this wand in your arsenal, and a sure victory over hard dirt, rough paints is guaranteed.

Turbo nozzle: This brilliant outlet determines the ferocity of your action, along with accuracy. In other words, by adjusting the nozzle diameter, you can have the exact type of was jet as per requirement. Just aim the wand, and twist the nozzle to let water jet burst into the hard held debris to break them; or let the water flow in a triangular shape to slowly wash away the mud.

Integrated wheel to ensure portability: A pair of wheels makes the entire unit of the Husky Power Washer Parts mobile. So just take the equipment anywhere you like, and get into action. Also the long hose ensures that you are never too far from your water supply.

LED indicator lights: These indicate the pressure mode in which the machine operates. You don’t have to worry about the operating pressure. Just press a switch and the pressure will get automatically adjusted as per the need.

On- board Dual Detergent tank: Another component which makes up the Husky Power Washer Parts is your washing fluid must have the perfect mix, and never should fall short during the cleansing operation. The dual tank not only warrants the availability of the fluid, but also can contain varied mix of washing fluids. So just keep sufficient amount of fluid in each tank, and switch to the type of fluid you need for a particular cleaning operation.

Super flexible power cord with automatic power break: The very long flexible cord allows you to draw power even from the most remote point, while the auto-power cut secures breakdown as soon as a power fault is detected.

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