John Deere Pressure Washers

The reputation, reliability, and durability of a John Deere are unsurpassed.

When the John Deere Pressure Washers are purchased, the consumer knows they are spending their money on quality and a well built product that endures.

John Deere saw a need for the settlers of middle America in the 1830s that has lead to over 170 years of manufacturing solid, reliable products that have a reputation that is rarely matched by the competition.

This exceptional company was the brainchild of a man who simply saw a better way to use steel to create a self-scouring plow that was effective on the Midwestern soils when the traditional cast iron plows were simply ineffective.

Headquartered in Moline, Iowa, this company has maintained the strict standards of quality that extends to their John Deere Pressure Washers.

Whether the products are used for residential, commercial, agricultural, government, or military requirements, they have continued to work very hard to design these products with the strict engineering standards of which the company was founded.

The customers are loyal and have been for well over 100 years, which speaks volumes about why this company is successful and their products are so well received.

Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Models

Top 3 models

  • John Deere Pressure Washers, Model HR-1250E1

    There are a wide variety of John Deere Pressure Washers, and one series they make is for residential with a PSI rating of 1250 dispersing 1.75 gallons of cold water per minute.

    It’s an electric model that produces 1.5 horsepower and has an adjustable unloader and a Triplex ceramic plunger. It is considered a residential model because it is great to clean the lighter surfaces such as decks, garden furniture, grills, and garden tools.

    This model is designed to be carried by hand, so there are no wheels on this model, and it weighs 53 pounds.

    Since one model is used on various surfaces, there as some nozzles that are better on some surfaces than others. The nozzle has a variable spray pattern that goes from zero degrees to 65 degrees as well as a high and low pressure. However, some stains, such as grease, oil, or chemicals so a low pressure detergent injector is also included with this model.

    Generally this model is priced under $400, and there are a number of accessories that are compatible with this model.

    There are two sizes of extension hoses at 23 feet and 50 feet, a low pressure and high pressure injector to disperse soaps or cleaning chemicals, and a variety of rotating nozzles that have quick connect adapters, a rotating nozzle with a lance. There are wands, power brooms, and various trigger wands that work with this model.

    In addition there are three types of detergents including a heavy duty degreaser, one for preparing the surface, and an all purpose cleaner.

  • John Deere Pressure Washers, Model AC-3000EH

    Along with the residential models, there are several John Deere Pressure Washers that supply cold or hot water to the targeted surface. One of these models is the Model AC-3000EH that is a rating of 3000 PSI and the water flow is rated at 3.9 gallons of heated water per minute.

    This model has an eight horsepower electric motor, and the burner runs on either diesel or kerosene, and is capable of heating the water up to 150°F. The pump on this model is a Triplex ceramic plunger that is rated as an industrial strength size.

    With the ability to clean vehicles, fences, siding, sidewalks, garage doors, and driveways, it’s used frequently for agriculture and commercial sites.

    This model comes with a 50 foot hose and one nozzle that is a 15° fixed sprayer. It’s equipped with an injector that allows detergent to be used on those areas with the toughest stains. This model weighs 660 pounds, and has four pneumatic tires for easy transport.

    There are several accessories that are compatible with this model including both 23 and 50 foot extension hoses, assorted rotating and quick connect nozzles, wands, power brooms, and trigger guns.

    Since there are so many surfaces to be cleaned with so many types of dirt and grime, they also have assorted detergents to clean the items, including a surface preparation formula, an all-purpose solution, and a full strength degreaser.

    This model is priced under $4400 and maintains the solid reputation that had been a mainstay of John Deere products that has been sustained for decades.

  • John Deere Pressure Washers, Model PR-4000GS

    John Deere Pressure Washers also have in their product line the Model PR-4000GS that is a Premium power washer that is rated at 4000 PSI with water flow quantity of 3.4 gallons of cold water per minute.

    This is a gas style model that is designed with a 404cc Subaru Over Head Cam engine that provides 13.5 horsepower. It is also designed with ceramic plungers and a Triplex crankshaft, and it has a direct drive pump. With a weight of 238 pounds, it rests on two pneumatic wheels and is designed with a steel plate and steel axles.

    This model is designed for the heavy duty commercial and industrial strength power cleaner that is capable of stripping paint off buildings, removing oil, grease, or chemical stains on garage floors, driveways, and other heavily stained equipment.

    It come with a high pressure 50 foot hose and a nozzle that is capable of 15 and 25 degree angles, plus one that support dispensing detergent.

    This model has assorted accessories that assist in the massive cleaning chores. These include a variety of detergents that include a full strength degreaser, a surface preparation solution, and a cleaner that works on just about every surface.

    It also includes a chemical injector for those extremely difficult stains, a power broom, lances with variable nozzles and quick connect features, rotating nozzles that support varying degrees of water streams; it sells for less than $1000.

    In keeping with the excellent John Deere reputation, this model is built with the inherent quality that their products are famous for manufacturing.

    Reliable and Unrivaled Quality

    For any person who has ever owned a John Deere Pressure Washer or any other of their wide range of products, it’s always understood that they are made with quality that will last for decades. Their high standards of manufacturing and quality and their customer service have maintained exceptional ratings.

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