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Which are the best pressure washers in the market? Find out from the experts and the consumers so you can make a solid choice.

People just love going in for the best. They would love to have the best of things and would not mind shelling out a whole lot more for such a product.

The same would hold good even for pressure washers. People are always on the lookout for the greatest pressure washers when they are in the search for one.

Reasons to Hit the Best List

There are a variety of reasons why some pressure washers reach the best list. Some such reasons why some models become bestsellers include the following:

  • Pricing is a huge factor that makes certain models better sellers than others.

  • Better Features is another big draw to help some washers reach the best selling list.

  • The ease of utility is another reason.

  • The compactness of the design that helps in easy movement and storage is also cited as a reason.

    Here is a review of some of the best pressure washers that are available on the market.

    Best price/quality pressure washers according to customers

  • All Power America APW5005 – Best Quality Service

    Best Pressure Washer

    The All Power America APW5005 is an electrically powered pressure washer that is fast rising up in the charts making it one of the best sellers. This washer has the capacity of producing a maximum of 1600 PSI and a flow of 1.6 GPM. This is ideal for light pressure cleaning activities including the cleaning of automobiles.

    The pressure washer comes armed with a quality 12 amp motor of industrial grade. This motor is designed for long life and is capable of giving relentless hours of service. The spray is adjustable ranging from very fine to a more intense so that it will help in a variety of cleaning activities. There is also a provided onboard soap dispenser for spraying detergent that helps in more intense cleaning.

    The washer is very light in weight at 20 lbs. Even the price tag is light at about $120 making this washer more attractive to the buyer. Buyers of this pressure washer do not shy away from calling this as one among the best pressure washers that they have tried out. They are not only happy about the pricing, they also love the after sales support and service that the company provides in helping customers maintain their washers in great condition.

    Best price/quality pressure washers on Amazon

  • AR Blue Clean AR112 –Absolute Raw Power

    Best pressure washers

    Like any other pressure washer in the AR North America line, the AR112 also boasts of a high standard pump. This electrically powered pressure washer is a mini wonder that weighs just about 19 lbs. But, it is capable of throwing up a great pressure output of 1600 PSI and a flow rate of 1.58 GPM. This is ideal for light pressure cleaning jobs both indoors as well as outdoors.

    The design is very compact and can be easily carried from place to place. The provided 30 foot long power cord and the 20 foot long pressure hose helps in providing reach in any area of the house. The compact design not only helps in portability, it assists in easy storage of the pressure washer.

    The pressure washer is not only lightweight it is light on the pocket too. The price tag is apt at a sub $100 range. This makes this pressure washer an ideal buy for people who would want to own a low-cost but efficient pressure washer.

    Customers of this pressure washer classify this as one of the best pressure washers mainly due to its modest price. Another big draw to this washer is its safety features provided to protect the pump for long life.

    Best price/quality pressure washers in our opinion

  • Karcher K 5.540 X-Series Excellence Personified

    best pressure washer

    The Karcher K 5.540 is German engineering at its best. It is an electric powered pressure washer that is capable of generating 2000 PSI of pressure. Armed with this kind of pressure output, one can easily achieve any kind of pressure cleaning jobs including stripping of paint.

    There are different types of spray pattern that one can use to achieve cleaning depending on the amount of pressure required.

    The dirtblaster spray is used for intense cleaning and Vario Power spray is used for light pressure cleaning. There is also a soap spray provided to help in the cleaning purpose.

    Another reason why this is one among the best pressure washers is its pricing. It is competitively priced at about $270. This pricing is somewhat apt considering all the benefits that can be derived out of the washer.

    Customers of this Karcher washer love the quality of the motor that is built for long life. Some others were all complimentary about the different types of cleaning that they could achieve. But, most people love this model because it is a value for money pressure washer.

    The Best Pressure Washer Models

    There are many washers that make it to the best category. While some pressure washers are termed best in relation to the pricing, others are called so owing to the splendid features that they come armed with. Whatever be the reason for becoming best pressure washers, these are the models that are highly sought after. After all, who would not want to settle for the best?

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