Durable Pressure Washer

Durable, long-lasting, and strong

The worst cleaning chores require a Durable Pressure Washer that is tough enough to do the job and long lasting enough to last for many years to come.

One of the most frustrating times is being part of the way through a job, and having the device fail, but with a Durable Pressure Washer, those events are few and far between.

There are a wide variety of models that are great for all ranges of tasks from just around the home, around the larger facility, plus for commercial and professional grade chores.

These models are heavy duty, sturdy, and will last for a very long time because they are well built models that are built by companies that have experience in building a quality product.

Choose Your Durable Pressure Washer

There are many things to look for in these heavy duty models; just like there are in the smaller models, ratings are very important to the surface that needs to be cleaned, and consumers need to still consider these ratings along with a variety of other factors.

If the surface is very greasy and oily, hot water models that can supply detergent to the soiled areas are preferable to cold water delivery systems. If the surface is simply grimy and dirty, in most cases cold water is sufficient to get the surface clean. Hot water devices are more expensive, and heavier because of the heating element’s weight.

There are also considerations regarding how the model is powered. Gas powered units are usually much more powerful and have a far greater range because they are not tethered to the electrical socket, but with that they are also more expensive, particularly if they provide heated water as well.

Electric units are generally less powerful but are quieter, and more environmentally friendly; plus they are less expensive. There are some excellent models to choose from, and be sure to take all the elements into consideration in order to find the absolutely best model for the job.

Three Models from Home to Professional

  • Briggs & Stratton 20358 1,800 PSI 1.6 GPM 13 Amp Electric Pressure Washer With 30 Foot Hose & Dual Detergent Tanks

    When a Durable Pressure Washer is needed, the Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer, Model 20358 has the ability to clean the patios, grills, fences, garage doors, and siding on the building. This has a rating of 1800 PSI and dispenses 1.6 gallons of water per minute.

    This model has a powerful Briggs and Stratton Professional Series Over Head valve, with a four-cycle motor that has an axial camp pump. It is equipped with a ReadyStart feature to make starting easy, plus it has 10” wheels that never go flat.

    This device comes with four nozzles with settings for low pressure that dispenses detergent, a delicate, general, and maximum. It is also equipped with a high pressure hose extending to 30 feet for a larger range of cleaning, and a stainless steel wand is included.

    Various accessories include a 33 inch extension lance, and a detergent kit that contains four varieties of soaps. It also has built in storage center for the wand, lance, and trigger gun for convenient storage of all the accessories. This model is priced less than $250.

    The reviews on this model stated it does an excellent job, is very reliable; however, the hose connection may breaks easily.

  • John Deere Pressure Washers, Model PR-4000GS

    Another Durable Pressure Washer is the John Deere Pressure Washers Model PR-4000GS for commercial grade cleaning. It is rated at 4000 PSI with water flow quantity of 3.4 gallons.

    This model is built with a Subaru Over Head Cam engine, ceramic plungers, a direct drive pump, and a Triplex crankshaft. The pressure washer weighs 238 pounds; however, it is built with a pair of pneumatic tire and a durable steel plate and axles.

    This model includes assorted nozzles with quick connect features, as well as various rotating nozzles, a power broom, and several lances with adjustable nozzles, along with one that supports detergents that has a full strength degreaser, a surface preparation solution, and a cleaner that works on just about every surface.

    This model’s an industrial strength power cleaner that can do a variety of jobs including stripping paint, removing grease, oil, or chemical stains.

    It comes with a high pressure 50 foot hose and a nozzle that is capable of 15 and 25 degree angles, plus one that dispenses detergent. This model is priced under $1000.

    The reviews on this model stated they are reliable and do a great job on all the surfaces. There were no negative reviews.

  • Alkota Hot Water Pressure Washers, Model 3241

    In the list of Durable Pressure Washer, the Alkota Pressure Washer Model 3241is a hot water power washer that provides 2400 PSI of cleaning power.

    This power washer model is built with a 5HP motor that has a Triplex Oil pump and an automatic ignition system for easy starting.

    It rides on four heavy duty pneumatic tires making it transportable. It also has a heating unit that provides hot water so that the most difficult cleaning chores can be tackled.

    This unit is a gas unit and is very popular on many of farms as well as large 18 wheeler trucks, restaurants, hospitals, and other larger repair and machine shops.

    The heater on this unit provides 320,000 BTU plus it has an Optional temperature control to choose the water temperature and it also provides steam of 90 GPH. There are several assorted nozzles that come with this model allowing the operator to clean a variety of surfaces.

    This model has an automatic igniter which starts both the burner and the water pump. It sells for around $4100.

    The reviews on this model stated that it does a great job for commercial grade cleaning jobs. There were no negative comments on this model.

    Cleaning with Power

    When the consumers need a Durable Pressure Washer, there are a lot of models that range from ones that are perfect for cleaning various surfaces around the home as well as those that are professional grade power washers suited for industrial grade stains and grime.

    These models are made by various companies who have been providing these units for many year and have excellent experience and knowledge in designing a reliable, long lasting model. Take a look at the various models that are available, and be sure to select the appropriate model for the surface that has to be cleaned.

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