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Comparing the lesser known
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To determine the best power washer for the job, read the following Pressure Washer Reviews and it’s certain the right model will be selected for the job.

When the consumer needs a variety of large surfaces or really tough stains cleaned, the best way is to use a power washer.

These Pressure Washer Reviews identify some of the less commonly known power washers.



AR North America


Briggs and Stratton

Chore Master

Coleman Powermate





John Deere




Even though the Husky, Honda, Karcher, Northstar, Campbell, and Excell (you can find reviews about these brands in the navigation bar) may have better name recognition, there are a number of other models that do an excellent job of cleaning the surface.

On this page you can find reviews about the lesser know brands. This are still great power washer brands with great models.

Pressure Washer Brands with Reviews:

  • Alkota Pressure Washers

    South Dakota is one of those states that have some of the harshest winters leaving tons of slushy roads that have been treated with salts, sands, and chemicals. After a few weeks in these conditions everything needs to be cleaned.

    The Alkota Pressure Washers were developed in Alcester, South Dakota, because this need was recognized. These power washers are designed with exceptional quality, plus they are durable and reliable; and even better, their customer service is truly excellent. The Pressure Washer Reviews for this one tend to be the best advertising because when a product exceeds expectations, consumers want to tell everyone they know.

    More information and the best reviews about Alkota Pressure Washer

  • AR North America Pressure Washer

    When the company’s intent is to manufacture the best power washer in the world, it can only be AR North America Pressure Washer that would have such lofty goals. From the parent company Annovi Reverberi, their high pressure cleaners, pumps, and assorted superb accessories – that they also manufacture – has made them one of the leaders in this industry. From over 50 years of experiences they discovered that being responsive to what the customers tell them they want in the products is the best way to manufacture the products that the customer demand, and this awareness has made them a leader.

    More information and the best reviews about AR North America Pressure Washer

  • BE Pressure Washer

    When consumers have a long list of items that need cleaning, according to the Pressure Washer Reviews the BE Pressure Washers have a range of models that run from the unit providing sufficient power to clean the lighter household items, such as patio furniture, decks, and grills; to items that need heavy duty performance that requires the ability to strip paint and clean garage floors. The quick connect nozzles, wands, and detergents work with this model to clean the toughest stains with the least elbow grease. These models are portable, reliable, and durable; they have an excellent reputation for doing a great job cleaning the surfaces.

    More information and the best reviews about BE Pressure Washer

  • Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer

    The models of Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washers have been around for decades and their engines and other products are known for their exceptional quality. Its Pressure Washer Reviews says that they put great stock into precise engineering to get the best performance out of each and every product. Whether it’s the model that is best for washing cars and motor homes or the one that is used to clean the ground in grease and oils off a mechanic’s garage floor, these products also have some excellent detergents and degreasers to give them even more effective cleaning power. Even the pressure washer reviews from consumer praise their versatility.

    More information and the best reviews about Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer

  • Chore Master Power Washer

    When the Mi-T-M Company started making the Chore Master Power Washer in Pesota, Iowa, they were unrelenting in upholding the reputation they’ve delivered the past 40 years. The products retain their value over the years due to the precise standards they keep in manufacturing these products. Their manufacturing facility has the latest technology and robotics to ensure that each model is made to the exacting standards. Their products are easy to maneuver around the home or facility ensuring they can clean a huge variety of products, and they provide various wands, tips, and nozzles designed for effectively cleaning specific surfaces.

    More information and the best reviews about Chore Master Pressure Washer

  • Coleman Powermate Pressure Washer

    Coleman has consistently demonstrated their ability to manufacture the best products for over a century, and their Coleman Powermate Pressure Washer continues to maintain that excellence. According to the Pressure Washer Reviews their products include a variety of outdoor and camping products, and their power washers are designed with the same efficiency. From a variety of nozzles that are color-coded to help identify the job for which they were designed to the on-board storage, their products are transportable, efficient, and do an outstanding cleaning job. For cleaning chore requiring a heavy duty power washer to clean for the worst stains, the Coleman gets the job done.

    More information and the best reviews about Coleman Powermate Pressure Washer

  • Craftsman Pressure Washer

    The Craftsman name has been known for exceptional quality since the 1920, and the Craftsman Pressure Washers have continued that great standard. One of the greatest legacies of any company is the loyalty of their customers, and with all the tools that Craftsman has made over the years, customers know the name and continue buying their fantastic products. Generations of families have used these Craftsman tools and they know that when they purchase one of these great products, it will last for many years and will continue with the same quality that it had when they first purchased the product.

    More information and the best reviews about Craftsman Pressure Washer

  • DeVilbiss Pressure Washer

    From air compressors to power washers, the DeVilbiss Pressure Washer is made by a company that prides themselves on the innovative designs of their products. They continue to set the standards in the power washer industry according to the Pressure Washer Reviews, and coupled with the power of the Honda engines they use along with the various nozzles and wands, they can effectively tackle the toughest chores that are always dreaded. These power washers effectively handle such chores as cleaning the koi pond to washing the siding and cleaning the fences. They also provide a choice of electric or gas powered washers, each with excellent benefits.

    More information and the best reviews about DeVilbiss Pressure Washer

  • Faip Pressure Washer

    When the consumer needs a power washer to clean around the house, the apartment complex, or the small business the Faip Pressure Washer is the one to use. Whether it’s a boat or car, gutters, or brick walkways, this power washer does a great job of cleaning a variety of surfaces. Their models are lightweight and easy to carry around and can clean a variety of products, and when there are those tougher stains the additional detergents are available for cleaning those oil, grease, or chemical stains. According to the pressure washer reviews the consumers really appreciate these lightweight models and their prices are very reasonable.

    More information and the best reviews about Faip Pressure Washer

  • Generac Pressure Washer

    As consumers have purchased these Generac Pressure Washers over the years, they have found that the products sustain their durability and are as reliable as the advertising states. According to the Pressure Washer Reviews these power washers clean a variety of surfaces and they continue to manufacture their products with the same innovative technology and they provide some of the best ecologically friendly devices on the market today. These portable washers are primarily designed for recreational vehicles and motor homes, and they have consistently offered the best cleaning solutions for over 50 years. These are generally large models but they are easily transported around the area.

    More information and the best reviews about Generac Pressure Washer

  • John Deere Pressure Washers

    One of the oldest companies in the country is known for their quality, and the John Deere Pressure Washers are made by this company that started in the 1830s by John Deere who saw a better way to make a plow. This evolved into the magnificent company that it is today, still making plows but they have expanded into numerous products that are built with the same quality and attention to detail that John Deere demanded even in those early days. They make products for numerous markets including agricultural, commercial, or residential and they are just as popular as ever.

    More information and the best reviews about John Deere Pressure Washers

  • Landa Power Washers

    There are cleaning jobs that are best done with cold water and others that need hot water to effectively clean, and the Landa Power Washers have been making these excellent products since 1969. Their product line has increased from that single power washer to over 300 models that can effectively clean a wide variety of surfaces. The Pressure Washer Reviews say that their safety features that are built into their devices are fantastic, and they continue to maintain that status for advanced and innovative cleaning products. Landa’s products have proven over the years to be some of the best commercial power washers.

    More information and the best reviews about Landa Pressure Washers

  • Simoniz Pressure Washer

    Since 1910 anyone who has ever bought a car, has probably used Simoniz to wash and wax their prized possession. The cleaners are fantastic, but when added to the Simoniz Pressure Washers, this combination is the best for cars, motor homes, and a wide variety of other surfaces. They have some especially designed cleaners for those hard to clean stains, but these power washers are perfect for getting the job done effectively and efficiently. When it needs to be cleaned, loyal customers know the best way to clean it is with these power washers, and they are durable and long-lasting.

    More information and the best reviews about Simoniz Pressure Washer

  • Simpson Pressure Washer

    Last but not least are the Simpson Pressure Washers, known as the “Rolls Royce” of the power washer industry. The founder of this company has been known as the “father of the power washer industry” for the past half century. Their devices are built with the same attention to detail and exacting details that Jack Simpson started with his original model in 1957. The Pressure Washer Reviews about these power washers are positive and state that they are designed for the professional cleaners and they maintain their commercial grade excellence that for all the components of these devices. Their models all receive consistent reviews from the professionals on their great performance.

    More information and the best reviews about Simpson Pressure Washer

    Reviewing the Products

    When the Pressure Washer Reviews and the accompanying information for selecting the right model are all read and digested, it’s time to purchase the best model for the job at hand.

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